ASTON KINETICS 102: Visual assessment and tactile skills to facilitate “alignment in motion”

Prerequisite: Aston Kinetics 101

This dynamic course builds on information learned in Aston Kinetics 101, focusing on seeing, experiencing and coaching movement in conjunction with understanding alignment.

The skills taught for seeing alignment are carried into the assessment of the body in motion. Learn movement designs, which can be tailored to your client’s specific needs so they can learn to release habitual tension patterns and explore new possibilities for alignment. Understand the application of ergonomic supports for more ease and comfort. The knowledge of basic movement functions enhances all aspects of complex human function. This class begins applying the Aston-Mechanics® principles of alignment and movement to sitting, standing, bending, reaching and walking.

Aston Kinetics 102 is open to all health professionals who have completed Aston Kinetics 101 and are qualified to teach movement/exercise education according to their state’s laws.