The 2016 Aston-Patterning Practitioner Certification Program

The Aston-Patterning® Practitioner Program is a certification training for health professionals -includes advanced levels of instruction in:

  1. The Aston® Paradigm
  2. Neuro-Kinetics (movement education)
  3. Spiraling Massage for Fascial Integration
  4. Myo-Kinetics (a specialized form of myo-fascial release)
  5. Ergonomics
  6. Fitness Forms
  7. Exercise Applications for Rehabilitation 

The Program is 81 days, scheduled in six, two-week segments over a period of 30 months.  Blocks of time between the phases allow the student to apply and practice the Aston-Patterning® skills in their specific work situations.

After completing this program, the Aston-Patterning® Practitioner will be able to address a wide range of specialized interests (working with athletes, musicians, seniors, coaching for people with physical limitations) by using their Aston-Patterning®  assessment, bodywork, movement and fitness skills.

PHASES I—III: The Aston Paradigm & Spiraling Techniques

Learn to use the Aston Paradigm to problem-solve the needs of each unique client by using basic techniques of movement and bodywork.  These techniques are applied to simple activities such as breathing, standing, sitting, walking, bending and reaching.  Students practice these new skills with other students and clients in a supervised clinical setting.

The Aston Movement lessons (Neuro-Kinetics) establish subtle and effective neutral motor interactions.  The objective is to increase comfort and range to establish a new alignment.  Once alignment is enhanced, the Practitioner can assist the client in movement applications within their daily activities.  From their knowledge of the Spiraling massage, students are introduced to the Aston form of Myo-fascial bodywork (Myo-Kinetics) to address dehydration and adhesions in the soft tissue.  They learn to advance their problem-solving skills for applying Myo-Kinetic techniques.  The result of this process leads to new possibilities for alignment of the body structure, range of movement and overall resiliency.

PHASES IV—V: Advanced Neuro-Kinetics & Myo-Kinetics Skills for Problem Solving 

Neuro-Kinetics II:  Building on the skills learned in Phases I-III, students will acquire additional movement techniques and refine bodywork skills.  Neuro-Kinetic techniques will be presented with an emphasis on the application of the Aston Paradigm to complex movement activities such as athletics (running, golfing, etc.), playing musical instruments, activities of daily living and other movement disciplines such as yoga, Pilates and T’ai Chi.  Students learn and experience how to break down movements into component parts.  This clarifies the specific aspects of the activity that contributes to the client’s complaint.  In addition to learning how to approach the individual, the student will practice facilitating groups in movement activities.

Myo-Kinetics:  Students will advance their skills in Myo-fascial bodywork to match the level of knowledge learned.  They will increase the depth of understanding the layers, shapes and grain of the tissue by enhancing assessment skills and continue to improve visual palpation and body mapping skills to facilitate a client’s specific patterns of limitation and create a specifically-designed bodywork session for the client’s unique need.

PHASE VI: Client Application & Group Teaching Instruction

The final phase advances the student’s knowledge developed in the previous phases.  Students will learn how to choose and integrate all of their learned skills to determine the best session design and progress for a client’s interest and needs.  This course will cover problem-solving skills applicable to chronic structural patterns, and facilitating rehabilitation situations and sports activities.  The class will also have the opportunity to make an Aston-Patterning® presentation to the public, as a way of assisting the development of their Aston-Patterning® Practice.  Students will learn to teach group classes, in specific techniques—for example massage therapists on their body usage, yoga, Pilates and Fitness Trainers on modifying their exercises.


Having successfully completed all six phases, the student is eligible for an evaluation of knowledge and skills.  The evaluation consists of a written and practical exam, and is scheduled at the conclusion of the Phase VI course.


 Students who successfully complete all six phases, as well as pass the final evaluation, will be awarded a Certified Aston-Patterning® Practitioner certificate.  In addition, AP® Practitioners have exclusive use of the Aston-Patterning® logos, trademarks and training benefits for the purposes of promoting their individual practice.

What Graduates Say

What I am learning in class is expanding how I can help my clients as a fitness and movement trainer and massage therapist. My work is more fulfilling than ever, as it is becoming increasingly sophisticated, wholistic, and effective.
— Eve Chenu
The pre-requisite classes for the Aston-Patterning® Certification training completely changed how I approached bodywork … It isn’t a matter of adding tools to my toolbox; it is a matter of growing an entirely new toolbox, completely different and much, much larger than before. Right now, I know that Aston-Patterning® is and supports my life-long journey.
— Kim Ross

Faculty and Location:   

The Practitioner Certification Program is taught by Judith Aston, creator of Aston-Patterning, and Brian Linderoth with additional senior faculty. Classes are sponsored by the Aston Paradigm Corporation and are held in Incline Village, Nevada on Lake Tahoe’s north shore, near the California/Nevada border.


Aston Kinetics 101, 102, 103 and 104 


Applications due: October 15th, 2015

Phase I: April 8th-24th, 2016

Phase II: September 24th-October 9th, 2016

Phase III: April 21st-May 7th, 2017

Phase IV: September 7th-September 23rd, 2017

Phase V: April 12th-28th, 2018

Phase VI: September 20th-October 7th, 2018


  • Each training day is $175x78 days = $13,650
  • Three day assessment = $525
  • Supplies = $175
  • Total  = $14,350
  • Payment plans available