Aston Kinetics classes range from personal to professional Foundation to Teacher Training.

Personal classes are taught from a self-care perspective. Personal classes are designed to help the individual discover their best body by pairing the knowledge of how to use their body with Aston techniques for their own personal movement. Personal classes are open to everyone, as you do not need to be a movement/bodywork professional.

To experience the most individualized attention, we recommend you take private sessions/lessons with our practitioners. For more information about private sessions, please visit our What to Expect section.

Professional Foundation classes are taught from a practitioner/teacher to student/client perspective. Professional classes are also the foundation courses for all teacher trainings and certification courses. 

Aston Postural Assessment (101) and Aston Moving Beyond Posture (102) are movement courses and are taught together. Aston Fascial Integration (103) and Aston Fascial Integration: Palpation and Bodymapping (104) are bodywork classes and are meant to be taken in sequence. However, one can take 103 before taking 101. Only professionals and students in movement, bodywork, fitness or other manual therapy (depending on the course) are eligible to take these courses.

Teacher Training classes focus on "teaching the teachers." These classes are designed to enable fitness instructors and other movement teachers to enhance their teaching abilities in their field. They also aim to improve health practitioners' ability to teach, practice, assess, create different designs for client solutions as well as sustain their longevity in the field. Prerequisites are required from our professional foundation classes.

For more information regarding Aston Kinetics classes, please see our class descriptions below.

Personal Classes 

  • Open to the public
  • No prerequisites 

Professional Foundation Classes

  • Prerequisites for certification and teacher trainings
  • Grouped by category
  • Must be a professional in movement (101&102) or bodywork (103&104)

Movement Classes

Bodywork Classes

Teacher Trainings

  • Prerequisites are various foundation courses
  • Focuses on "teaching the teacher"
  • Must be a professional in movement, bodywork, manual therapist

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