Deluxe Set

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deluxe set 3.jpg

Deluxe Set



  • The Deluxe Set includes The Standard Back Wedge, The Standard Seat wedge, The Lumbar Roll and Adjustment Supports that can be used in a variety of ways that allow you to customize your comfort.
  • This set brings the body to a more neutral position by filling in the negative space and offers customized pelvic and back support. This position slightly tilts your body forward for dynamic sitting in an active position.
  • Perfect for most vehicle seats, airplane seats, office chairs, dining room chairs, etc.
  • Made in the USA

Common uses:

  • Most vehicle seats
  • Airplane seats, office chairs and household chairs

Additional Details:

  • The Lumbar Roll and Adjustment Supports attach to The Standard Back Wedge with velcro
  • The Standard Back Wedge that comes with The Deluxe Set is covered in a different material that allows the  Lumbar Roll and Adjustment Supports to attach. This material is a soft cloth material that is only used in the Deluxe Sets.
  • Both the Back Wedge and Seat Wedge include attachment straps that help you secure both cushions to the back and seat.
  • The Standard Seat Wedge is made of dimensionally stable fabric engineered for versatility and durability with a plain poplin finish made of polyester.
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