Lissa Hammit has been in love with the Aston Paradigm since her first class in 1993. Judith was teaching Aston Movement, after taking that class Lissa knew without a doubt she wanted to study with Judith Aston.

Lissa has a background in sports medicine with a certification as an ATC.  She taught high school and managed injuries for the sports teams from 1986-1992 at Andreas High School, in El Paso, Texas.  While teaching high school, she went to massage school. In massage school, her body went into a lot of pain. In hindsight, she had had many injuries growing up  (just playing as a child) and several car accidents, braces, appendix out and some pretty good falls.

Aston Patterning gave her the tools and insight to understand about her patterns of tension and how her body was holding the history of her past injuries, making it impossible to move forward into her future.   Lissa used to say she learned how to touch from Judith Aston and this is true, but what she really learned was how to move and to understand the complex nature of accumulated tension that the body holds without us even knowing it. Aston Patterning is Lissa's journey to living an expanded, pain-free life.