Massage Magazine Article March 1996 Publication


Aston-patterning: integrating concepts of aston patterning into massage

The underlying principle of Aston-Patterning® is that each individual has a unique structure and movement style, based on that person’s habit, activities, attitudes emotions, and experiences. All of these factors help us shape ourselves into a pattern that in some way expresses who we are right now.

If the current pattern of who we are is one that includes physical pain or discomfort with certain movements or activities, we might want to find a more optimal pattern for our self-expression. The Aston approach is based on the idea that bodies can change, and that each individual can become more comfortable, effortless and efficient in work, play and rest.

The purpose of Aston-Patterning is to facilitate change toward a more optimal pattern of self-expression. Specific forms of the work are designed to accomplish this goal in a variety of situations. These forms are thought in courses ranging from two-day introductions to four-or-five day workshops to a 20-week certification training program. These courses are offered to people in many fields of work, including massage therapy, physical and occupational therapy, athletic training, dance and movement specialties.

Form of Aston-Patterning®

Aston Massage - a system of bodywork that utilizes a detail assessment, a customized sequence and skilled manual techniques to facilitate change in tension holding patterns that may contribute to pain, discomfort or fatigue; a three-dimensional touch is used to release tension from surface to bone.

Neuro-Kinetics - a system of movement education used to achieve more comfortable, effortless and efficient performance of daily activities, ranging from simple bending, lifting and self-care to world-class athletics, as well as movement patterns that one can do on his or