The Standard Seat Wedge

The Standard Seat Wedge is our most universal wedge. This ergonomic cushion is angled and neutralizes the concavity of sunken and sloping seats that compress the body and spine. This cushion brings the body to a more neutral position by “filling in” the negative space and offering pelvic support. This position gives you more height and slightly tilts your body forward for dynamic sitting in an active position. This cushion is beveled making it perfect for many vehicle seats, office chairs, and almost any chair that is sloped or may have lost its support. This cushion allows you to sit with more comfort and lessen fatigue. Reversible. Made in the USA.

Common uses:

  • vehicle seats
  • airplane seats
  • theater/sporting events

Additional Details:

  • 10" x 14"
  • Slope of 2" to 1"
  • Convenient ties to secure wedge to chair or seat
  • Dimensionally stable fabric engineered for versatility and durability. Plain poplin finish made of polyester.