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Community Bodywork Sessions

What can you expect? This is not your average massage.

An Aston® Kinetics bodywork session is a wonderful opportunity for self-discovery. Your Aston Kinetics session will be individualized to your specific needs, goals and interests. There are many components including massage, postural evaluation, movement education, fitness training and environmental modification (i.e. work stations). There are also advanced techniques such as Arthro-Kinetics® (joint work) and facial toning. 


Your physical and emotional history defines who you are in the present. Step 1 starts with assessing your everyday activities (the work you do, the sports you play, etc.) and when or where you feel fatigue or pain.


This part of the session is a way for both you and your practitioner to experience some aspect of your movement abilities or potential for improvement. The pre-test is usually a basic activity such as walking, sitting, standing, reaching, bending or lifting. 

Later, after bodywork or movement education, this experience will serve as a basis for comparison. The Aston® approach gives you a clear understanding of the changes made in the session so that you will have the option to keep the changes as part of your pattern of movement. As you understand the changes taking place, you can become your own teacher.


Using the history and the pretest, you and your practitioner determine what lesson would be most valuable for that session. Movement education and/or bodywork will be included in virtually all sessions. The bodywork includes specific techniques to release unnecessary tension and make your new movement easier and more efficient.


The post-testing is essentially a repetition of the pre-testing movements allowing you to see and feel the changes that have taken place. The application integrates the movement changes into your daily life. The lessons of the movement and bodywork can become permanent options available to you with your conscientious awareness and practice.


Our community bodywork sessions give the community a chance to experience Aston Kinetics bodywork for the fraction of the normal price. Because of our community setting of multiple tables per session, our therapists are able to offer a sliding scale of $55-85 per 2-hour bodywork session instead of $100+/hour for a private session. All of our therapists are certified massage therapists and come from a diverse, multi-disciplinary background.


Sessions are only available in the spring and fall when our therapists are training in Incline Village, NV. 

Next community bodywork sessions: April 2018

If you're in the Truckee/Tahoe/Reno area and would like to schedule a private bodywork session with Brian Linderoth, follow the link below.