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Aston-Patterning® Certification Training Phase II

Neuro-Kinetics (movement education)

The Aston Movement lessons (Neuro-Kinetics) establish subtle and effective neutral motor interactions.  The objective is to increase comfort and range to establish a new alignment.  Once alignment is enhanced, the Practitioner can assist the client in movement applications within their daily activities. 

September 24th: 10-5:30

September 25th: 10-5:30

September 26th: 10-5:30

September 27th: 9-3

September 28th: OFF

September 29th: 10-5:30

September 30th: 10-5:30

October 1st: 9:30-5

                Client Session A: 10:15-12:15

                Client Session B: 2:15-4:15

October 2nd: 9:30-5

                Client Session C: 10:15-12:15

                Client Session D: 2:15-4:15

October 3rd: 10-5:30

October 4th: OFF

October 5th: OFF

October 6th: 10-5:30

                Client Session E: 3:15-5:15

October 7th: 9:30-5

October 8th: 9:30-5

                Client Session F: 10:15-12:15

                Client Session G: 2:15-4:15

October 9th: 9-2

                Client Session H: 9:15-11:15