Each Aston Kinetics session is individualized to your specific needs, goals, and interests. There are many components including massage, postural assessment, movement education, fitness training and environmental modifications. Each session will follow a basic 5-step outline.

  1. History: In assessing your everyday activities, the practitioner can help you to understand which patterns you use interfere with your optimal functioning.
  2. Pre-Testing: The pre-test consists of a basic activity such as walking, swinging a golf club, lifting a heavy object, sitting, bending, or standing. After bodywork or movement education, this experience will serve as a basis for comparison. Before and after photos are also utilized in some sessions as needed for comparison.
  3. Movement Education and Bodywork: Using your history and pre-test, you and your practitioner determine what lesson would be most valuable for that session. Movement education and/or bodywork will be included in virtually all sessions. Additionally, massage, myofascial release and Artho-Kinetics (joint work) will also be included as necessary. All components serve to release an unnecessary tension and make your new movement easier and more efficient.
  4. Post-Testing: The post-testing is a repetition of the pre-testing movements, allowing you to see and feel the changes that have taken place. Here, after photos are utilized as needed for comparison.
  5. Applications: The application integrates the movement changes into your daily life, tailored to you as an individual. Once old movement tendencies have been neutralized, new patterns can be integrated into new movement options to sustain the changes gained. These lessons can become permanent options available to you with your awareness and practice.