Since 1970, Judith Aston has led the effort to see the body in a new, dynamic way. 

Seeing the body through the Aston® Paradigm changes the way you live. It changes the way you dance, sleep, sit, stand, work, play.  It can even change the way you sing.

We train professionals in new ways to see the body and how to work with what they see. Judith Aston has developed a class curriculum that guides the participants through visual exercises and partner practicums that helps the participant to better understand and embody the information. The sequence of classes helps the participant to grow in their understanding of what they see, with what they feel and how to put it all together. For a complete list of our classes visit our class descriptions page.

Judith Aston has been teaching professionals around the world for 50 years. She has 5 U.S. Patents and designed the wedges and ergonomic products that are sold in our store with more designs that are in process. She is particularly proud of her charter membership in the Nevada Inventor’s Association. For more history on Aston Kinetics visit the history of the Aston® Paradigm.

Our Mission

Providing our clients with a second chance. If your body is feeling compromised by aging, injury, surgery or overuse, or if you've been looking for a safe way to gain an extra edge in your athletic endeavors, it's time to see possibility through Aston Kinetics.

Sometimes we just need help interpreting ourselves.
— Judith Aston

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