Frequently Asked Questions

Is an Aston Kinetics session considered physical therapy?

Judith Aston has trained physical therapists since 1980. Additionally, many of our practitioners are physical therapists and the Aston Kinetics work translates across many different modalities such as chiropractic services, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and other body work.  

How does an Aston Session differ from a typical spa massage?

An Aston session allows you to be an active participant in the session, which is framed specifically around you and your needs/goals in the present moment. This isn't a passive massage session: an Aston session requires active participation to  help your practitioner uncover patterns in your body usage that may be causing pain or premature aging. Using a 5 step approach (see more), an Aston session offers the chance to reclaim your body and become your own teacher. We aim to help you find patterns that are no longer serving you, creating a pain loop. We analyze your daily movements and have a whole-body view when we problem solve with you.