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Aston® Kinetics 101



Aston Postural Assessment is an introduction to the Aston paradigm through seeing the three-dimensionality of the body.

Accurately seeing the patterns in a client’s posture and movement is essential to identifying why body symptoms occur and recur in the structure. The development of observational skills and recognition of body patterns puts in place a foundation for grasping the problem-solving skills that are inherent to the highly effective Aston approach to movement training and the treatment of injury and pain in the human structure.

This skill is essential for reaching possible precursors of issues and effectively addressing them. Aston Postural Assessment teaches a system which helps clearly identify body patterns and uses movement labs to learn to sense movement in one’s own body and in others. Learn Aston Arcing, a technique for aligning the body in sitting and a fundamental sequence in positioning the body structure for application to all types of daily movement. Also, learn the difference between structural and functional holding patterns, begin to think in terms of the body’s three-dimensional spaciousness, and initiate an understanding of the comprehensive Aston Paradigm.

Aston® Kinetics 102

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Prerequisite: Aston Kinetics 101

This dynamic course builds on information learned in Aston Postural Assessment, focusing on seeing, experiencing and coaching movement in conjunction with understanding alignment.

The skills taught for seeing alignment are carried into the assessment of the body in motion. Learn movement designs, which can be tailored to your client’s specific needs so they can learn to release habitual tension patterns and explore new possibilities for alignment. Understand the application of ergonomic supports for more ease and comfort. The knowledge of basic movement functions enhances all aspects of complex human function. This class begins applying the Aston-Mechanics® principles of alignment and movement to sitting, standing, bending, reaching and walking.

Aston Moving Beyond Posture (102) is open to all health professionals who have completed Aston Postural Assessment (101) and are qualified to teach movement/exercise education according to their state’s laws.

Aston® Kinetics 103

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ASTON FASCIAL INTEGRATION (AK 103): Aston Spiraling Fascial Integration Technique

  • An introduction to Aston Body Assessment - how specific posture, injuries, muscle tone and movement patterns influence one's current postural pattern

  • The theory and techniques of the Aston Spiraling Massage

  • Aston-Mechanics® (body usage) to help feel and release fascial layers as well as reduce stress on your body

The Spiraling Technique is a painless, hands-on approach that respects and matches the layer, shape and grain of soft tissue. It teaches the practitioner to work with ease, from the surface layers through the deeper layers to include the skeletal structures. This is what makes this technique a fascial integration form.

This bodywork form can connect fascial layers to integrate specific change with adjacent segments and the whole body. It can enhance the effectiveness of all manual therapies while decreasing the amount of stress and effort on the practitioner.

Aston® Kinetics 104

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Prerequisite: Aston Kinetics 103

Progression of Aston Fascial Integration (103) skill sets adding palpation techniques and “bodymapping” for session designs.

This course will introduce you to the Aston system of palpation and notation of the hypertoned and hypotoned tissues within the body’s pattern called “bodymapping.” This advances problem solving abilities by refining visual assessment and palpation skills. While continuing to improve assessment skills, learn how to advance the Spiraling Technique allowing the release of specific tension patterns and work deeper structures without causing pain. The body map is an important tool to enhance problem solving skills and to record the client’s progress.

The advanced problem solving tools address the most complex of myofascial issues and have the ability to truly change a client’s life.

Aston® fitness

Certification and Individual Classes


All classes require Aston Postural Assessment and Aston "Moving Beyond Posture" as prerequisites.

Classes can be taken in any order, as one chooses.

Aston Fitness, was developed in 1983 by Judith Aston when she recognized the resulting injuries  from conventional exercise programs and equipment. this program offers a sophisticated fitness model that can be applied to all forms of fitness training.  Aston Fitness includes specific movement designs to help balance the body and achieve a more integrated neutral.

In addition, the Aston Fitness model has been applied to many established movement forms, such as yoga, Pilates and sports in an effort to optimize movement and efficiency for the individual. The Assessment tools are integrated into these fitness forms to give each client the opportunity to function at their highest level. These are advanced classes for the professional physical therapist, occupational therapist, coach, athletic trainer and massage therapist. This fitness approach has been designed from the Aston Paradigm to decrease repetitive strain, improve accuracy, neutralize consequences and heal injuries sustained during traditional models of exercise.

Aston Fitness Training:  HORIZONTAL LOOSENING — 5 days

Horizontal loosening begins lying on your back, stomach or side, using supports to optimize body alignments. This provides a release of the deep tethering of soft tissue to the bone. Easy movements are applied in a comfortable range to facilitate better movement in and around a joint or a series of joints. These movements decrease stiffness and discomfort while increasing range of motion and lubricating the joint.

Lubrication and rehydration of the joints are essential in optimal functioning of the body and is helpful to prepare for movement. This can also greatly improve overall function by releasing excessive tone. In addition to preparing for movement, these loosening techniques can quickly release excessive joint and muscle tension post-exercise.

Aston Fitness Training: TONING — 5 days

Toning is designed so that muscles are strengthened without adding unnecessary compression to the joints. The exercises begin with the use of body weight against gravity, primarily while lying and standing. Exercises are advanced by adding additional resistance of weights and stretch cords.

Aston Fitness Training: VERTICAL LOOSENING — 5 days

Vertical Loosening is done in a standing or a sitting position. Easy movements are applied in a comfortable range to create slack in and around the joints and the borders within soft tissues. These loosening movements result in increased circulation and greater range of motion.

Aston Fitness Training: STRETCHING — 5 days

Aston Stretching is designed to stretch the muscle tissue without over-stretching the joints, ligaments and tendons. The client is instructed to use body supports, the most optimal alignment and movements for their body, which is important to achieve flexibility without pain or compromise to the other un-targeted body segments.

Aston Fitness Training: CARDIO — 5 days

The Aston concepts are applied to your workout whether it is walking, cycling or stair-stepping. The difference is the alignment and sequencing of the movements. The Aston Treadmill Dancing and Spinning Bike sequences combine balance, toning, cardiovascular training and fun all at the same time!

Aston® for Pilates


The Aston for Pilates certification program offers:

  • Introduction to the Aston system of palpation to assess hypo/hyper tone mobility patterns

  • Training in teaching, modifying, creating new movement patterns specific to individual need or limitation

  • Application of these lessons to both Pilates floor work and standing exercises.

  • Progress the teaching of basic actions: stance, gait, bending, reaching, pushing and pulling skills into more complex applications as the basis for education of private clients and groups

  • Supervision and assistance for student teaching labs




Prerequisites: Aston Postural Assessment: AK 101 and Aston "Moving Beyond Posture": AK 102

Aston for Yoga will help integrate the wisdom of Aston Kinetics movement concepts into your Yoga practice. Aston for Yoga provides new tools to explore healthy movement and proper alignment to your students. The Aston technique will help you find ways to use the body naturally with less effort while still achieving tone and flexibility with the intention of each asana.

Aston for Yoga learning objectives:

  • Learning principles of alignment unique to each person

  • Learning spatial pathways to sequence transitions

  • Learning how to recycle forces of gravity and ground reaction

  • Learning to use spiraling movements

  • Learning how to design yoga movements differently


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Aston Facial Fitness

This process includes techniques from AK 101, AK 103 and AK 104, as well as lymphatic myofascial massage and isometric exercise. Facial toning focuses on the position, resiliency, mobility and tone of the structures from the clavicle up which tend to assist visual acuity and function of the TMJ. This process also neutralizes some of the negative effects of time and emotional expression.

You will learn:

  • How to use Aston-Mechanics to revitalize the face

  • Learn to apply specific techniques for the individual’s unique facial pattern

  • Learn an easy 10-15 minute home program that once practiced, may only need to redo once a week as a tune-up6 day course teaching therapists how to address specific patterns of holding or lack of tone for the face, neck  and head with their clients. The content for this class includes the Aston techniques of: the spiraling massage work, lymphatic drainage, isometric and loosening for the muscle patterns.  the result of this work increases a more neutral expression and function. The result lessens the history of certain tension patterns that seem to take hold in one's facial expression thus providing more options for expression.

aston-patterning® certification program

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This is an in depth course that spans 2 1/2 years and give you a well rounded understanding of Aston® Kinetics. This Aston-Patterning® Practitioner Certification program is a certification for health professionals that includes advanced levels of instruction in:

  • The Aston® Paradigm

  • Neuro-Kinetics (movement education)

  • Spiraling Massage for Fascial Integration

  • Myo-Kinetics (a specialized form of myo-fascial release)

  • Ergonomics

  • Fitness Forms

  • Exercise Application for Recovery

After completing this program, the Aston-Patterning® Practitioner will be able to address a wide range of specialized interests (working with athletes, musicians, seniors, coaching for people with physical limitations) by using their Aston-Patterning® assessment, bodywork, movement and fitness skills.

For more information on the upcoming certification, please follow this link to learn more and apply for the certification. Applicants must have licensing in massage, physical therapy, occupational therapy or similar that fulfill your state and local requirements to practice. You must complete AK 101, AK 102, AK 103 and AK 104 before the start of the certification program.

This is only open to Certified Practitioners. These classes will advance the skill sets that you learned over the course of the Aston-Patterning® Certification training. Advanced classes are only offered 1 time per year, so keep in touch and look for our news latter announcing the upcoming class.

advanced aston classes