Judith, your ideas helped me have the best orchestra concert I can remember conducting. I conducted the Orchid Isle Orchestra (18-20 players) in a concert yesterday and had so much fun doing it: feeling my feet grounded, I felt light and balanced, and perhaps most importantly for me, calm. I felt so supported, and by me! It was amazing. Thank you so much!
— Cathy Young, music teacher and conductor
Judith’s paradigm of biomechanics is brilliant in its simplicity and applicable to every human being.
— Nancy Romaine, Egoscue postural exercise therapist
The Aston-Patterning® work represents a new paradigm shift in thinking about the body and movement. It makes sense and can be highly recommended. The Aston® Fitness Program for Seniors is, to my mind, the one approach to physical training for the elderly which meets their needs.
— Erik H. Erikson, developmental psychologist and psychoanalyst
I strongly support this non-invasive technique used in people with injures involving the spinal axis, peripheral joints and multiple pain sites. As an adjunct to physical therapy, medication, or sometimes instead of other treatment I have found it extremely helpful as an active rehabilitation approach.
— Irene Minkowsky, M.D., Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Spine and Joint Disorders
It was an incredibly rich experience with so many immediately practical applications. I am in great admiration of your effectiveness in presenting materials and in how transparent you can become for our illuminations.
— Gay Cheney, Head, Dance Department, University of North Carolina and Greensboro
Have been typing for three hours now - never before with so much easy and pleasure. Seems like concentration is improving, too. Fewer typing errors! It is a regret that I was not exposed to Aston Patterning 50 years ago. How much more pleasant the next 50 years will be!
— Writer, Krause & Co., San Francisco, CA
Thank you again for an amazing experience. The knowledge and techniques you shared far
exceeded my expectations. The material was outstanding, the course was far too short, and
the little nuggets of insight and tools I received are timeless. Thank you for sharing yourself
with me and our class, Judith. You are amazing and you are pure inspiration.
— Leah Delong, a participant at the Queen Mary Sampler Class, World Massage Festival
Aston Kinetics changed my life. Through Aston [Kinetics], I have the tools to fully come into my body and move through this world differently. Not only do I feel differently in terms of my relationship to gravity, but I also feel like I can use these skills to regulate my emotions more effectively and interact on this plane in a whole new way.
— Michael Gosney, caregiver and student of Aston Kinetics 103: Bodyworks I in Maui, HI
I am a pianist - 62 years old, and six and one half feet tall. Long distance driving in standard auto seats makes me sore and stiff, which doesn’t always translate into fluid performances at the keyboard. The Deluxe set of auto cushions made a recent two day drive from North Carolina to a New Hampshire Chamber Music Center such a comfortable pleasure that I drove the whole 850 mile trip back in one day and woke up fine the next morning. The Deluxe set fills in the ergonomic potholes that my back perceives in the construction of most drivers’ seats. Thanks for a thoughtfully designed and versatile product.
— John Holter, pianist
I am grateful that Judith Aston was still teaching at the Institute when I initially trained, and I credit her with my own pain-free 40 years in this craft. Her concise and easily assimilated teachings on body economy and movement hygiene inform my work to this day.
— Tom Myers, Director, Anatomy Trains
I feel, of all the people I worked with — the chiropractor helped me get out of my chronic pain - but long term health, avoiding future injury, bar none, there’s nobody who helped me as much as Judith. The shot-put was my worst event and I’ve been coached by the best in the country. I trained with world record holders. Judith taught me things that those people were unable to teach me.
— Marilyn King, Olympic pentathlete
Whilst on a waiting list for knee replacement surgery, and, with an underlying Neuropathy and Charcot joint condition, I went to Judith for a therapy treatment. The out of alignment and leg was causing bad posture problems and considerable pain, with a very well aligned leg underneath me — an unforgettable moment, and I became stronger with every successive day I do the exercises she gave me.
— Diana Gould
Unfortunately, you cannot study with Rolf, Feldenkrais or Alexander. However, you still have the opportunity to study with one of the great bodywork geniuses of our time, Judith Aston. I had the fortunate experience to learn from Rolf, Feldenkrais and Aston and my suggestion to you is to not let a chance like this go by!
— Norman Cohn, Owner and Director, Utah, Nevada, and Arizona Colleges of Massage
Local physicians, including cardiologists, orthopedic surgeons, rheumatologists and neurologists, are a major referral source for the Aston program. Marin General is proud of our on-going association with Judith Aston and her staff.
— Faith Bartlett, Director, Senior Program, Marin General Hospital
For a year, I have had an issue with my right hip. I have had 10+ bodywork sessions with top-notch practitioners. The movement explorations and combining loosening, toning and stretching got me out of pain and provided me more understanding of my pattern and tools for self-care that I can use on myself. I am grateful.
— Stephanie Fish, LMT
I became a certified Rolfer in 1973. My first experience of studying with Judith was Movement Analysis, a four-day class that began all Rolfers’ practitioning training. In that class, Judith taught me about seeing my clients’ structures, movement patterns and some basic skills in using my body well in my work.

It was my good fortune to continue learning from Judith in a couple of week-long classes and then in a comprehensive five-week course in Myokinetics. Thanks to the work I did with Judith, I learned to use my weight well, to always be
balanced and aware of my own patterns and to work with virtually no strain or effort. Judith refined my work and taught me a level of finesse I might never have developed on my own. I owe my longevity as a Rolfer to the level of awareness Judith helped me to attain. My hands are grateful all these many years and thousands of sessions later.
— Michael McIver, Certified Advanced Rolfer, Massage Therapy Instructor
I have been working with a nutritionist in Seattle who also does bodywork. One day, he did a bodywork session with me he called Aston-Patterning. He told me a little about Judith Aston and her work. I was compelled to take time off work immediately and flew to Lake Tahoe to have my “sessions,” and what I found was a most amazing, interesting and intriguing bodywork that Judith has created, teaches and practices! This experience with them (Judith and Brian) was and will continue to be such an important and essential part of my healing and self-care practice.
— Lisa Atkin, movement and bodywork session client
Judith, my heart is so full of gratitude for you, for your kindness, your big beautiful “light up the room” smile, your profound knowledge of the body, and your skillful teaching. I’m grateful to you for expanding my understanding of the body in alignment along with enhancing my ability to see the body three dimensionally. I’ve been using the hourglass technique with my clients this week.
— Jane Blount, HHP and AK 103 student