Aston® Kinetics is Bodywork

Aston Bodywork is a system that includes three forms:

  1. Aston Massage, a non-compressive type of basic bodywork, utilizes a ‘three-dimensional touch’ of ‘spiraling’ that releases daily and accumulated tension.

  2. A specialized form of myofascial release, called Myo-fascial kinetics, releases deeply embedded structural holding patterns within the soft tissue network.

  3. To address skeletal holding patterns, Aston® Artho-Kinetics can provide releases at joints, along boney surfaces, and tissue-to-tissue adhesions.

The purpose of this three-fold bodywork system is to address all layers of the body with specificity, decrease holding and create new movement options. The evaluated tensions are released through comfortable, virtually painless techniques using the spiraling touch of the tissues.

To learn more about an Aston® Kinetics bodywork session, read about What You Can Expect here.