Aston Bodywork Certification

The Aston Bodyworker is informed by detailed posture, movement and palpation assessments to determine the client’s unique “pattern” of tension in their body. Exceptional skill is involved to determine the ideal sequence where tension should be released for optimal results.

Two of three forms of Aston Bodywork will be included (Spiraling and Myo-Fascial-Kinetics) which have different purposes and techniques. Each form on their own will enhance any practice by decreasing healing time through improved accuracy of the techniques used. However, when used together, they are especially powerful tools for change. Each bodywork form is taught as an accurate movement form, which helps the longevity of the practitioner.

The Aston Assessment skills that are introduced in Aston Kinetics 101 and 102 (and progressed to an advanced level in the Aston Certification and Aston Arthro-Kinetics coursework ), elevate any trained practitioner’s understanding of the human body to a new level.

Requires Aston Kinetics 101, 103 and 104

Phase I (prerequisite for II) — 11 days

Includes: Progression of spiraling technique skills, adds myofascial release, and basic problem solving.

Phase II — 12 days

Adds complex problem solving for client’s pattern and interests. Advances practitioner’s technique and strategies.

Phase III  — 12 days

Myofacial techniques progressed with massage, problem-solving and session design.

Phase IV Certification — 12 days

Advancing all content for specific problem-solving and session design. Advancing Aston® Bodywork skills.