Aston® Kinetics is Ergonomics

Looking through the Aston Paradigm required a new look at the body and ergonomics. Professionals will learn in training and Aston Practitioners will know how to teach ergonomics matched to the individual’s body pattern.

Judith Aston has created a line of ergonomic products that help modify and support the body optimally no matter what the environment. The designs of most of our office chairs and cars are set up for an inactive and flexed spine position. Most seated activities need active support and our cushions help keep posture dynamic and supported for any seated activity.

While ergonomic industry trends often focus on the “correct” product, Aston Ergonomics highlights the relationship between an individual’s body, task and product.

We offer a wide range of ergonomic products to give optimal support for your body. To view our ergonomic products, The-Aston-Line®, visit our online store.