Aston® Kinetics is Movement

Aston Movement begins with two crucial skills by the practitioner:

  1. The ability to see clearly the components that make up complex movements in the body, in real time.
  2. The understanding of how each component of movement affects the body. These effects happen because movement, gravity and ground reaction force combine to create force vectors that impact specific body segments. The forces create compression, stretch and torsion in predictable ways.

Because Aston Movement is based in observation of what happens when real bodies move in the real world, there is a tangibility and immediacy to the practice. The practitioner and the client can be partners in discovering the truth of how variations in movement are more or less helpful to them in the moment. Skilled observation makes the process more accurate and verifiable. The ultimate goal of Aston Movement is to help each person claim their natural ability to move with ease, grace, and strength.