Aston Movement Certification

Aston Movement is based on the Aston Paradigm, which believes the body is always trying to attain balance in some way (homeostasis). Aston Movement has detailed movement sequences and coaching that considers how the body segments are supported from the ground up in relation to other body segments, gravity, ground reaction force and the force vectors created by functional movement. The movement designs sequence movement in a way that creates support and ease in the segments and in the whole body.

The posture and functional movement assessments (which begin in the fundamental classes Aston Kinetics 101&102), inform the practitioners and enable them to design movement content for the specific person and need, in contrast to a specific set of exercises for a specific injury or pain.

The fundamental concept of accurate alignment and posture for the whole individual versus an ideal is unique to the Aston Paradigm and what makes it an essential part of any rehab or preventative program. In addition to the accuracy of the movement designs, Aston Movement pairs seamlessly with Aston Bodywork, creating a unique system with concepts that students will find work well with other modalities.

Phase I (prerequisite for II) — 12 days

The basics of Aston movement and teaching — includes prerequisites of Aston Kinetics 101 and 102.

Phase II certification — 12 days
More complex problem-solving — movement coaching for musicians, athletes, negotiating injury recovery, exercise, etc.
Aston-Mechanics® progression

Phase III  (Prerequisite: Phase I &II)— 12 days

Application to ADLs, Fitness, Ergonomics

Phase IV certification — 12 days