Aston-Patterning Certification

Justin Kanaka'ole experiences The-Aston-Line ergo triangle during his workout.

Prerequisites: Aston Postural Assessment (101), Aston "Moving Beyond Posture" (102), Aston Fascial Integration (103) and Aston Fascial Integration: Palpation and Bodymapping (104)
78 days — Includes training in all 4 modalities of Aston Kinetics

Aston-Patterning is the most comprehensive system of Aston Kinetics. The Aston-Patterning Certification program includes all four modalities of Aston Kinetics: bodywork, movement, fitness coaching and ergonomics. These courses are presented in highly personalized sessions calibrated to the body’s unique pattern.

The Aston-Patterning Practitioner is a healthcare professional that has successfully completed 78 days of content including written and practical exams before achieving certification. The Aston-Patterning Certification program includes:

  • Advancing posture and movement
  • Assessment techniques to find the connections between the causes of discomfort or injury
  • Extensive Aston Myofascial techniques to release excessive muscle tension and create balance in the body
  • Aston-Mechanics® to optimize practitioner’s form and technique
  • Movement assessment, sequencing and coaching to assist each client to learn how to improve their movement
  • Training to design basic community classes to increase community awareness of Aston Kinetics
  • Portions of Aston Fitness designs to enhance all modalities

For more information on the 2019-2021 Aston-Patterning Certification training, go here.