Walking the New Body - DVD


Walking the New Body - DVD


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By understanding the body-sense principles of this video, you can develop lifetime skills for vitality, use walking to increase your overall level of fitness, develop more walking power with less stress, and feel the healing power that comes from using the earth’s natural forces for renewed energy.

This program is based on 45 years of movement innovation developed by Judith Aston and practiced by Aston® practitioners. Experience the strength and freedom that comes from this revolutionary view of the body.

Includes a pre-test, post-test and study guide. 

33:58 minutes

Copyright © 2000 by Aston Paradigm Corp. All rights reserved.

Writer: Judith Aston

Producer: Walter Krier

Technical Consultant: Mary E. Sanders, MS, Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Health Ecology, UNR

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