Aston Arthro-Kinetics — 36 days in 3 phases of 12 days

Aston® Arthro-Kinetics is an advanced soft tissue work that specifically addresses the realm of chronic tension present in the articulation of soft tissue with bone, between bones and joints, along bones at muscle insertions, and at soft tissue to soft tissue interfaces that are overly stabilized. This class is available to all Aston-Patterning® Practitioners who have completed the 78-day Certification Program.

Aston for Visceral — 3 phases of 3 days

Aston for Visceral Phase I

This introductory 3 day course is the exploration of the visceral anatomy that defines what is often called the core structures of our neuromuscular skeletal systems. It is the very asymmetrical 3D shapes and ligament-like attachments of the organs that create many of the structural asymmetrical patterns. Becoming familiar with the internal landscape of the abdominal, urogenital, and thoracic cavities is invaluable to problem solving the source restrictions of many dysfunctional patterns as well as understanding the obvious reality that a healthy balanced structure is, at its core, asymmetrical in its optimal state of health.

Aston for Visceral Phase II

Aston for Visceral Phase II will explore the motility or inherent physiological motions that regulate the visceral system and how they are readily available to be accessed through the Aston touch. Students will be introduced to the fluid-like matrix of the visceral landscape where historical trauma and emotional tensions are held. The class will practice motility listening skills for assessment and facilitating change.

Aston for Visceral Phase III

Aston for Visceral Phase III will include review of the common patterns found in the visceral matrices and progress the discussion/visualization of what tensional visceral pattern we might expect to be contributing to the observed full body tension pattern. The class will continue the conversation about the concept “to titrate the tissues”. Just as the Visceral series began with a new application of the Aston concept of ‘shaping and matching’ to the fluid nature of the organs, Aston for Visceral Phase III will end with another application of these same concepts to the third layer of the viscera.