Aston® Postural Assessment: a New Paradigm for Evaluating Body Patterns

Dedication page

The 2nd edition of this book in dedicated to those who learned their skills from Dr. Ida Rolf in the 60’s and 70’s. Below you will find the list of practitioners in alphabetical order. If there is someone who is missing from the list, please contact the office so that we may add their name to the list by emailing Thank you.


Alphabetical list of Practitioners by last name

Jim Asher

Judith Aston

Bob Ball

Mary Bond

Jeff Burch

Seymore Carter

Pat Clough

Matthew Cohen

Norman Cohn

Andy Crow

Erik Dalton

David Davis

Giovanna DeAngelo

Jack Downing

Al Drucker

Jack Favius

Rosemary Feitis

Hadija Fielding

Joseph Heller

Emmett Hutchins

Owen James

Eddie Jehber

Don Johnson

Stan Johnson

Will Johnson

Lloyd Kaechele

Jason Kane

George Kassebaum

Ron Kirby

Walter Krier

Peter Levine

John Lodge

Randy Mantz

Eddie Maupin

Ron McComb

Michael McIver

Peter Melchior

Stacey Mills

Michael Murphy

Tom Myers

Dorothy Molte

Niel Powers

Veronique Raskin

Harvey Ruderian

Michael Salveson

Louis Shultz

Will Shutz

Don Setty

Michael Shea

Fritz Smith

Jan Sultan

Ed Taylor

Sidney Villin

Sharon Wheeler

Caroline Widmer

Chet Wilson

Tom Wing