Thin Back Wedge


Thin Back Wedge


This cushion offers less thickness and firmness than the Standard Back.


  • Designed to neutralize a slightly concave or sloping back of a chair or seat, and to support the thorax or lumbar, depending upon use
  • Can assist the body move from a constricted position and assist you to sit with more comfort and less fatigue in almost any vehicle or office seat
  • Perfect for chairs that need just a little extra support
  • Made in the USA

Common Uses:

  • For clients who need less thickness and firmness in comparison to our other Back Wedge products

Additional Details:

  • 12.5" x 18"
  • Maximum thickness of 1.5"
  • Convenient ties to secure wedge to chair or seat
  • Dimensionally stable fabric engineered for versatility and durability
  • Plain poplin finish made of polyester
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