Harvey Ruderian

It was in 1970, after years of increasingly debilitating migraines and excruciating nerve pain, that Harvey dropped out of law school and began pursuing a healing odyssey that redefined his world perspective and, today, has left him pain free. After experiencing a series of transformational awakenings, Harvey enrolled in Massage school in 1971 and began his lifelong professional journey as a student and practitioner of the healing arts.

In 1973, Harvey had the extraordinary privilege to begin his training with Judith Aston, a particularly gifted teacher to whom he credits with imparting a movement and structural bodywork paradigm that is complete enough in its 'truth' that it can contain and, in fact, amplifies the many other trainings he has completed. He gives his special gratitude to Dr. Ida Rolf for training him in Rolfing, to Upledger Cranial-Sacral, Visionary Cranial-Sacral, Biodynamic Cranial-Sacral, and Visceral Trainings. Harvey lives in Malibu with his wife, pets and fruit trees and continues a full private practice in Santa Monica, California.