Aston® Kinetics throughout the years

Judith Aston got her foundation in bodywork and movement in the 1960’s from Dr. Ida Rolf. At that time, Dr. Rolf asked Judith to create the movement program for Rolfing. Dr. Rolf realized that she needed to teach Judith how to do bodywork and use the Rolfing Paradigm in order for Judith to create the movement program. Judith Aston credits her earliest days of bodywork to Dr. Rolf. Since then, many publications, news and magazine articles, interviews and speeches have been published about Judith Aston’s life work. Take a look over the years of the many articles, videos and speeches that have been done over the past 50+ years through today.


MASSAGE Magazine - 1996

In the March 1996 Massage Magazine edition, Judith spoke about how to integrate Aston® concepts in massage. Click below to see a web version of the article and scans from the original publication in 1996.


International Association of Structural Integration - 2018

In April 2018 Judith Aston was the Keynote speaker at the IASI symposium held in Seattle, WA. This article is a transcript of her speech at the symposium and was published as an article in the 2018 IASI yearbook.


Your 3 Dimensional Body - 1991

In the fall of 1991, Judith collaborated with Jeff Low, and wrote an article for Physical Therapy Today. This article explores the importance of the Three-dimensionality of our bodies, which is vastly different from the way that we learn about the body from a two-dimensional image in medical text books. You can find this article in Physical Therapy Today’s Fall issue in 1991, or by following the button to read the article online here.