ASTON Postural Assessment (101): Visual assessment skills of body patterns in the standing position

Aston Postural Assessment is an introduction to the Aston paradigm through seeing the three-dimensionality of the body.

Accurately seeing the patterns in a client’s posture and movement is essential to identifying why body symptoms occur and recur in the structure. The development of observational skills and recognition of body patterns puts in place a foundation for grasping the problem-solving skills that are inherent to the highly effective Aston approach to movement training and the treatment of injury and pain in the human structure.

This skill is essential for reaching possible precursors of issues and effectively addressing them. Aston Postural Assessment teaches a system which helps clearly identify body patterns and uses movement labs to learn to sense movement in one’s own body and in others. Learn Aston Arcing, a technique for aligning the body in sitting and a fundamental sequence in positioning the body structure for application to all types of daily movement. Also, learn the difference between structural and functional holding patterns, begin to think in terms of the body’s three-dimensional spaciousness, and initiate an understanding of the comprehensive Aston Paradigm.

Aston Kinetics 102