Reset Your Workspace

More often than not, our physical environment shapes our bodies. From the shoes that we wear to the furniture we rely on, the product designs can make it difficult to negotiate our bodies, even when we are sitting or standing in the accepted "ergonomically" correct way.

We are exploring the office environment that has been the center of debate in the sitting vs. standing discussions. The "Reset Your Workspace" videos will explore new alternatives to working in an office setting, offering a wide range of modifications utilizing an array of sitting options and The-Aston-Line® ergonomic supports. This will give the power and choice back to the office workers and anyone who works on a computer or sits for a living. We provide tools to help you set up your own space that works for your unique body.

Regardless of your need for change, whether it be your energy level after sitting for hours at a time or pain in your back from sitting in a chair that compromises your posture, "Reset Your Workspace" will assist you in finding your best design to increase productivity and comfort throughout your workday, in sitting and in standing. 

We urge to you watch our first sitting video to understand how to reach neutral so that you will have the best results when modifying your workspace.

You don't have to buy an expensive ergonomic chair or stand constantly to find relief at your desk. We have created four videos to help you problem solve your office setup.

  1. "Reset Your Workspace: Standard Office Chair" provides options on how to modify the most common type of office chair by using ergonomic supports and important things to consider when you are limited in changing your office seat.
  2. "Reset Your Workspace: Alternative Seating" offers alternatives to the standard office chair. This video shows how to utilize a stool and physio-ball when working at a desk, including considerations for office footwear.
  3. "Reset Your Workspace: Accessories" demonstrates how to use additional ergonomic supports to help alleviate common workplace ailments such as back stiffness, fatigue, slouching, neck tension and whole body movement. We show how you can modify your keyboard, monitor height and how adding a footstool can offer additional support.
  4. "Reset Your Workspace: Judith Aston's Office" provides an in-depth look into Judith's personal office setup. Judith shows how she built her standing desk and offers solutions to texting, writing and setting up a portable laptop office.
  5. "Reset Your Workspace Tutorial" includes over 20 minutes of footage and is designed to help you create a better office area to increase productivity and lessen fatigue and pain. All four "Reset Your Workspace" videos are included in this tutorial, as well as bonus footage and a list of all products featured in each video. 

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