Aston® Postural Assessment: a New Paradigm for Evaluating Body Patterns, 2nd ed.


Aston® Postural Assessment: a New Paradigm for Evaluating Body Patterns, 2nd ed.

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The 2nd edition of the Aston® Postural Assessment book is finally here. Pre-order your copy today!

Build your skills in visual assessment. In the second edition of Judith Aston’s book, you will learn how to see body patterns and the nuances, how to postulate their origin, their consequences and why this is important to you and your clients.

With Forewords from Thomas Myers and Darling Hertling, this book contains high quality content to improve the way you see and interpret the body and world around you.

An excerpt from the back cover of the book:

Judith Aston has been a pioneer in encouraging movement therapists and bodyworkers to look at the postural causes of movement problems rather than focusing treatment only on the physical symptoms. Her acute ability to “see” the body in stillness and motion and to train others to see, move and exercise, established her discipline of bodywork and movement training that is known as Aston® Kinetics. Rather than enforcing physical symmetry, the system seeks to recognize the asymmetries that are natural to a person’s body and to achieve the best movement possible.

In this new edition of Aston® Postural Assessment, her now well-established and very successful book, the author explains how to measure and assess posture, and provides tools for doing so. She introduces her unique perspective on body mechanics – Aston-Mechanics® – which is a departure from the standard model of body posture, and provides many opportunities to practice observation and analytical skills based on this paradigm.

The book is highly illustrated with over 200 illustrations, most of which are new for this edition. The material is presented on a large page size to allow the reader to trace the body shape diagrams to help reinforce their learning of the postural shapes. Judith Aston has been teaching her approach to postural assessment and management for over 50 years to professionals around the world. This book will bring her knowledge and experience to those unable to attend her courses and will provide an invaluable reference and refresher source for all who are lucky enough to attend her workshops.

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