Aston Fitness Certification Trainings

Aston Fitness Certification Trainings are scheduled by interest. If you are interested in hosting an Aston Fitness Certification Training in your area, please contact our office for more information.

Aston Beyond Fitness Certification: 3 Phases

The objective of Beyond Fitness is to take students through the process of having basic to more complex movement designs and to have enough knowledge and practice to teach a series of classes to others. This class series could help Pilates, yoga, fitness trainers, and others who specialize in golf, running, senior fitness, etc.
Phase I begins with the basics of Aston Kinetics using 5 concepts of: neutral, base of support, gravity/GRF, cooperative movement and asymmetry. This phase will include Aston Movement designs using concepts for finding neutral, Aston Loosening, Toning, Stretching and Activities of Daily Living (ADL), such as bending, reaching, carrying, etc.
Phase II – Progressing all content of Phase I with more challenging designs of loosening, toning, stretching and ADLs, such as gait into running.
Phase III – Advancing skill sets and movement designs to assist a variety of participants in your classes. This phase includes practice teaching labs for small groups. You will select specific content for specific groups of participants: seniors, general public, on-going classes for your client base (from your yoga or Pilates or bodywork practice, etc.). We will assist you with the content design and presentation delivery.

** Must have I, II, and III to certify. Certification evaluation will require additional 1.5 days at end of training ($275).


Includes all five forms of Aston Fitness. Please see each class description.


Prerequisite: Aston-Patterning Practitioner Certification

Applying concepts for activities of daily living. Learning selected content from:

  • Aston Fitness: Loosening
  • Aston Fitness: Toning
  • Aston Fitness: Stretching
  • Aston-Mechanics

Please see individual fitness class descriptions.


Prerequisites: Aston Postural Assessment and Aston "Moving Beyond Posture"

Phase I — 6 days of mat and standing work
Phase II — 6 days using equipment
Phase III — 6 days of more advanced problem solving




The Aston for Pilates certification program offers:

  • Introduction to the Aston system of palpation to assess hypo/hyper tone mobility patterns
  • Training in teaching, modifying, creating new movement patterns specific to individual need or limitation
  • Application of these lessons to both Pilates floorwork and standing exercises.
  • Progress the teaching of basic actions: stance, gait, bending, reaching, pushing and pulling skills into more complex applications as the basis for education of private clients and groups
  • Supervision and assistance for student teaching labs


Prerequisites: Aston Postural Assessment and Aston "Moving Beyond Posture"

Aston for Yoga will help integrate the wisdom of Aston Kinetics movement concepts into your Yoga practice. Aston for Yoga provides new tools to explore healthy movement and proper alignment to your students. The Aston technique will help you find ways to use the body naturally with less effort while still achieving tone and flexibility with the intention of each asana.

Aston for Yoga learning objectives:

  • Learning principles of alignment unique to each person
  • Learning spatial pathways to sequence transitions
  • Learning how to recycle forces of gravity and ground reaction
  • Learning to use spiraling movements
  • Learning how to design yoga movements differently


This process includes techniques from Aston Postural Assessment, Aston Fascial Integration, and Aston Fascial Integration: Palpation and Bodymapping, as well as lymphatic myofascial massage and isometric exercise. Facial toning focuses on the position, resiliency, mobility and tone of the structures from the clavicle up which tend to assist visual acuity and function of the TMJ. This process also neutralizes some of the negative effects of time and emotional expression.

You will learn:

  • How to use Aston-Mechanics to revitalize the face
  • Learn to apply specific techniques for the individual’s unique facial pattern
  • Learn an easy 10-15 minute home program that once practiced, may only need to redo once a week as a tune-up