The Deluxe Back Set

This deluxe set includes The Standard Back Wedge, Lumbar Half Roll and Adjustment Supports. This Set can be used a variety of ways, allowing  you to customize your comfort. It brings the body to a more neutral position by "filling in" the negative space and offering customized back support, slightly tilting your body forward for dynamic sitting in an active position. This cushion set is perfect for most vehicle seats, airplane seats, office chairs, dining room chairs, etc. It can assist you to sit with more comfort and lessen fatigue. Reversible. Made in the USA.

Common uses:

  • Most vehicle seats
  • Airplane seats, office chairs and household chairs

Additional Details:

  • Lumbar Half Roll and Adjustment Supports attach to The Standard Back Wedge with Velcro
  • The Standard Back Wedge that comes with The Deluxe Back Set is covered in a different material that allows the  Lumbar Half Roll and Adjustment Supports to attach. This material is a soft cloth material that is only used in the Deluxe Sets.