The Standard Back Wedge

This ergonomic cushion is designed to neutralize the concavity or slope of the back of a chair or seat. A sloping chair or seat compresses the body and this cushion is designed to support the thorax or lumbar, depending upon use, and will bring the body out of a constricted position. This cushion is perfect for many vehicle seats, office chairs, dining room chairs, etc. It can assist you to sit with more comfort and lessen fatigue. Reversible. Made in the USA.

Common Uses:

  • A universal back wedge suitable for a wide array of chairs and seats

Additional Details:

  • 12.5" x 18"
  • Maximum width of 2"
  • Convenient ties to secure wedge to chair or seat
  • Dimensionally stable fabric engineered for versatility and durability. Plain poplin finish made of polyester.