The Medium Ergo Triangle

This patented design supports the body to sit on the pelvis, rather than the thighs, which allows for freer leg movement. Sitting in this position lessens spinal compression and permits your body to sit in comfort over extended periods of time. It also provides a wider base of support than the Standard Ergo Triangle. This position gives you more height and slightly tilts your body forward for dynamic sitting in an active position. This ergonomic cushion has a slightly wider base of support and is great for softer chairs and benches. It is a must-have for theatre and sporting events! It can promote proper exercise and yoga positions and can assist you to sit with more comfort and lessen fatigue. Made in the USA.



  • Supports the pelvis and allows the legs to rest in a more neutral position
  • 10" x 14.5"
  • 2.25" thick
  • Dimensionally stable fabric engineered for versatility and durability. Plain poplin finish made of polyester.