Time for a "Check Up"


We're used to our dentists calling to confirm our routine teeth cleaning. Oil change every three thousand miles. Hair cut every four to eight weeks.

But in the spaces between our busy, stressed out daily grind, when do we actually schedule a check up for our physical wellness? When we are forced to, with sudden pain or limited movement?

When was the last time you really "checked in" with yourself?

Here at Aston Kinetics, we're passionate about helping people find and maintain their best bodies.Whether you are a half-marathon runner or tirelessly run from errand to errand, child to child, Aston Kinetics is designed around you at the present moment.  

What we offer:

  • Private sessions designed to better all movement: sitting, standing, fitness, child care, past injuries and alleviating pain with bodywork to address the tension held in the body's tissue that creates restricted, limited movement
  • Sampler class formatted around the "self-care" model including facial fitness, toning the pelvic floor and fundamental movements to educate your body in motion
  • Movement, bodywork and fitness professional continuing education courses including massage therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, fitness instructors and other health professionals. Accredited by NCBTMB
  • Ergonomic products to modify and enhance your personal domain to better your daily living

Don't wait until pain limits you. Be in your best body. Let us help you get started today.

Find a Sampler Class Near You

The Aston Kinetics Sampler class is offered frequently throughout the year across multiple locations. 
View our Sampler class schedule to see if this dynamic course is coming to your area.
No locations close? Email us to find out how to bring the Sampler class to your area.

Private Sessions

Located on beautiful Lake Tahoe, Brian Linderoth offers private sessions locally and selected areas in the U.S. around teaching schedules.  
Brian's vast experience in his practice of bodywork, movement, coaching and fitness offers clients and students a broad choice within his wealth of information and expertise. 
Click here for his complete bio.

Aston in Action

A bodybuilder in Kona, Hawaii tests out the Aston Paradigm applied to his workout. See his reaction after using our ergo triangles and a simple technique explained by Judith Aston.
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Featured Classes

Aston Kinetics 101&102
For movement/bodywork/fitness professionals
  • Focus on viewing and notating postural assessment and body patterns.
  • Learn how Aston visual assessment skills create more understanding about the relationship between the alignment and the root cause of the symptoms.
  • Learn Aston Arcing movements in sitting and standing that enable participants to find their own unique body alignment that is both effortless and stable.
  • Learn how to teach basic Aston movement designs to your clients as a self care tool which can facilitate a reduction in pain and increase mobility and strength for daily activities.
  • Don't miss your chance to train with Judith Aston, somatic pioneer!
Aston Kinetics 101 instructed by Mark Barber
Aston Kinetics 102 instructed by Judith Aston and Brian Linderoth
Location: Austin, TX
Date: September 5th - September 9th 
Cost: $800 until July 25th, $900 standard fee 
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Aston Fitness: Toning, Stretching and Loosening
  • Aston Kinetics 101&102
  • For movement/fitness professionals
Instructed by Judith Aston and Brian Linderoth
Austin, TX
Dates: September 12th - 14th
Cost: $525 before August 1st, $625 standard
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