How Well Do You Know Your Body?

Is your relationship with your body injury-based? When a part of your body goes into discomfort, is this the only time you pay attention to it?

Many of our clients fit into two distinct categories. 

Some come to us with an injury. A trauma happened, an old injury flares up again or a constant pain that has been present for years becomes debilitating. Because of the success we are usually able to achieve, once the pain subsides or the client is able to problem-solve on their own using Aston concepts, we may not see them unless an injury compromises them again.

The other type of client we see regularly understands that the body is always in a state of change. We are all dynamic beings. In an effort to continually get to know and understand our dynamic bodies, Aston Kinetics sessions afford a wealth of information for ourselves to problem-solve, learn better ways of moving, growing, improving. They also provide an incredible way of preventing injury.

The way we move shapes our lives. It prevents or creates injury. It leads us to new places or keeps us inside. Consider starting a new healthy relationship with your body and movement with Aston Kinetics. Even if you aren't injured, it's never too late to get to know your best body.

Spotlight: Vickie Dodd, Aston-Patterning Practitioner and Director of Sacred SoundWorks

From birth I was always able to perceive frequencies from bodies. I would perceive a body as a composed piece of music. The composition is composed of sound, color, shape, scent, all simultaneously and understood through different octaves.

I taught my first massage classes at Ananda Ashram in Monroe, NY in 1968-69. I created as I went along, and it stimulated my appetite to learn more about massage and the physiology of the body. In 1971, I attended and graduated from the Kellberg School of Swedish Massage and Physical Therapy.
I had a dream that I needed to study Aston-Patterning. I called Judith Aston and told her I dreamed that I was to become an Aston teacher. She suggested I get at least six sessions. I traveled around the United States to work with Patterning teachers. This all helped to confirm my dream. I became certified in Aston Patterning in 1973. I am currently an Aston Kinetic Practitioner and all of my work incorporates and demonstrates this form.

In those early 1970s in Chicago, Bob King and I started teaching massage out of his home on Pratt Avenue. Bob and I decided we would start the Chicago School of Massage. We began offering classes and creating a curriculum in 1975-76. Jim Hackett and David Lauterstein started attending our classes and Bob and Jim first met during this time. I was teaching Aston Movement Awareness classes and building a thriving Aston private practice. Bob loved the Aston work and had many sessions with me. He was intrigued with what I was learning about body usage and how that was influencing and changing my touch with massage through my Aston trainings.

I became deeply involved with my work with Judith Aston and I realized that creating and running a massage school was not my path. Several years later Jim started the BodyMind Center on Lincoln Avenue in Chicago, and shortly after that Bob and Jim officially founded the Chicago School of Massage.

In the mid 70s, I began sounding the tissue that I was touching and noticed that the tissue started rearranging and reclaiming a more 3-dimensional shape. Slowly I started introducing sound along with my massage and later with my Aston sessions. This led into a lifetime of exploration of the power and intelligence of frequency. I started pioneering Sound as a Bodywork in the mid 1970s. It was with the Aston concepts that I was able to start understanding the terrain of sound current in the human form. Through those years into the 1980s, I was in my own laboratory, attempting to articulate that which had only been an inner organic training. The Aston concepts of GRF, Spiral, 3-D knowing, gave me the body vocabulary and the language to be able to teach others how to listen and to reclaim their inner and outer voice.
I was on the faculty of the Chicago School during 1980s and 90s. I was also on the faculty of the Boulder School of Massage from 1989-94, the New Age Massage School in Sebastopol, California from 1980-85, and the Peninsula College Massage program in Port Angeles Washington from 2003-06. I was a guest teacher at the San Antonio Massage School, and the Port Townsend School of Massage, among others. I was a presenter at two AMTA National Conferences, in Boulder around 1990 and in Reno in 2005.

I have taught Aston Movement and Massage touch and Sacred Sound throughout Europe, Latin and South America and the United States for several decades. I hold residential intensive retreats teaching Sound as a Bodywork, incorporating the Aston principles in the United States, Europe and Argentina.

I feel so very fortunate that the timing was right for me coming of age as the Human Potential Movement was awakening in the US in the 60s. So many pioneers were coming forward and were accessible. I had been a 'highly sensitive person' and I felt victimized by these sensitivities. My trainings and work received during those early years allowed me to mend and allowed me to be able to share with others that also did not have enough 'boundaries ' around their own nervous systems.  I learned that it was not necessary or helpful to run others mood states through my own body. It is exciting for me to teach others how not to stress their own systems trying to work with others, that actually it is contraindicated. I honor Aston Kinetics, as without the 'knowing' on the physical, emotional levels, I would never have been able to sustain and flourish in this profession. I have watched so many students 'burn out' early in their massage career as they had not been taught how to use their bodies emotionally as well as physically. Judith Aston's work brought out the best in me. All of my trainings before I studied with Judith had been to learn through resistance. To be shown where I was off was not good enough. Judith was teaching how to learn from support. This was and still is a revolutionary approach.

One of my greatest honors was to be invited to the Cortona Week in Cortona, Italy in 2000 and again in 2002, to lecture to a large group of prominent physicists and artists who had gathered with a focus on the topic of creation. I was able to stand in front of this group, rest myself into what we call the GRF in the Aston world, and be fully present to effectively share the principles of Aston and Sacred Sound.
To contact Vickie:
 PO Box 1074
Port Angeles, WA 98362
The Buzz: Latest News

Aston Kinetics: Beyond Fitness Series

Are you looking for a new way to elevate your fitness training? Does your workout routine feel boring and stagnant? If you feel it's time to advance your fitness training, personal or professional, consider Beyond Fitness.

We are introducing two new fitness classes this summer and fall. Judith has taught her fitness forms to a select group of practitioners over the years. She is providing a rare opportunity for people to do a personal training (2 day) or professional training (6 day). 

** If you have already certified in Aston Senior Fitness, you aren't required to take Level I or II but must take Level III to certify in this form. We welcome you to retake Level II.
Aston Kinetics: Beyond Fitness Intro
The Aston Kinetics Beyond Fitness Introduction is a two-day personal training course. If you are interested in advancing your personal fitness goals, sign up for this two-day intensive training with Judith Aston. Experience all Aston Kinetics forms including loosening, toning, cardio and stretching. This is not your standard fitness class. Be prepared to see amazing results.
This is open to all people who are actively engaged in exercise on a regular basis.
High Technique. High Touch. Phenomenal Results.
See Upcoming Classes below for details.
Aston Kinetics: Beyond Fitness Training for Professionals Level I of III
A successful fitness instructor has the ability to see their clients as unique and are able to problem-solve for their individual needs. This 6-day course will be covering general fitness, senior fitness and more. This is the first level of three to be certified in Aston Fitness. Open to professional movement/fitness instructors and all Aston-Patterning Practitioners.
Take Level I only or take all three levels to certify in Aston Fitness.
See Upcoming Classes below for details.

Design Your Session with Judith

With the incredible advances in technology, it's hard not to take advantage of remote learning possibilities. Judith Aston is available for consultation, movement coaching, and bodywork questions using Skype. If you need advice regarding a client, had a recent injury you are stuck on rehabilitating or just need some help with body maintenance, schedule an hour session with Judith today. 
Schedule Your Session with Judith

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Upcoming Classes
Personal Fitness Courses 

Aston Kinetics: Beyond Fitness Intro

Clients who are actively involved in a regular fitness regime are welcome to attend.
Date: August 14th-15th, 2015
Location: Incline Village, NV
Investment: $285 early registration by July 3rd, $350 standard fee
Professional Fitness Courses 

Aston Kinetics: Beyond Fitness Training for Professionals, Level I of III

October 7th-12th
Incline Village, NV
Investment: $960 early registration until August 26th, $1050 standard fee (Retakes are welcome: early $768, $840 standard fee)
Prerequisites: Aston Kinetics 101&102
Professional Movement Courses 

Aston Kinetics 101&102

September 30th-October 4th
Reno, NV
Instructor: Allison Sagewind
Investment: $800 early registration until August 19th, $885 standard fee
What is Aston Kinetics 101&102?
Bodywork Courses for Professionals
AK 103 Description

Aston Kinetics 103

August 6th-9th
Reno, NV
Instructor: Allison Sagewind
Investment: $695 until June 25th, $775 standard fee

Aston Kinetics 103

September 17th-20th
Palm Springs, CA
Instructor: Judith Aston and Brian Linderoth
Investment: $695 until August 6th, $775 standard fee
AK 104 Description

Aston Kinetics 104

November 5th-8th
Reno, NV
Allison Sagewind
Prerequisite: Aston Kinetics 103:  Bodyworks I
Investment:  $695 until September 24th, $775 standard fee

Aston Kinetics is an approved continuing education provider by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB).


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